Liebster Award

Helloooo everyone!

I was nominated by Berries and Books to do the Liebster Award. Thank you! πŸ™‚

1. Tell us a memory of a book you purchased.

I remember to the first Harry Potter book that I bought. I was 10 or 11 years old and in our school there was in every couple month a huge book market, and I first spotted Harry Potter there. I wanted it badly but I didn’t had money and my mom told me that we are going to buy it sometimes later. I was devastated. I spent that weekend at my gradma and we went to shopping into a big supermarket which had some books as well. There I saw Harry Potter again. I begged to my grandma to buy it to me and I don’t want any chocolate or anything else, I just want the book, so she bought it to me. A month later I had my birthday, and I got the other 3 books as well.

2. What’s the last movie you watched, did you like it?

I don’t really watch movies or series. The last series I saw was GLOW and it was really good!

3. What kind of dog would you like to own?

I’m more of a cat person than a dog person, I have two cats. If I would have a dog though than it would be a Border Collie or a Corgi because they are so cure πŸ˜€

4. Do you do any artistic hobby (drawing, painting, photography, etc.)?

I like to take pictures to Bookstagram and I love calligraphy, though I’m not really good in it.

5. Places you would like to visit once in your life?

There are a lot of them! I want to visit Japan, Australia, Norway, Canada. I want to travel once with the Trans-siberian Express to the Baical Lake. I want to visit the Easter Island as well. There are too much places to visit πŸ˜€

6. Favourite animated character?

Belle. I love her since my childhood, I was always thinking that I’m just like her with all the brown hair and loving of books.

7. Dragons or other magical creatures?

Dragons are my favourite magical creatures. They are beautiful and majestic, I love them. I also love fairies and elves.

8. Which social media is your favourite (twitter, instagram, facebook, etc.)?

Bot Instagram and Facebook, I don’t use Twitter.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (asking the deep questions)

Though question, I can’t really answer it πŸ˜€ I think I’m going to do the same as I do now but maybe I’m going to work for a different company. Maybe in London? Not sure πŸ˜€

10. Favourite book from a genre you don’t usually go for?

I’m not really into sci-fi, I like high fantasy better, but I read Illuminae which is a fantastic book.

11. Do you buy box sets for books?

I do! I bought a Harry Potter box set and a Divergent box set as well. I bought the Harry Potter one because of Harry Potter, we don’t have to have a reason for that. I bought the Divergent one because it was cheaper than it would be if I would have bought the 3 hard copies.

I don’t nominate anyone in particular but if you want to do the challenge, please do πŸ™‚ Use the same questions as I got from berriesandbooks.


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