Book A Sloth Club English Box Unboxing

Hellooooo Everyone,

Book A Sloth Club is a Hungary based bookish subscription box (they are the first ones in Hungary and I’m very proud that now our little country has it’s own subscription box as well :)). They started the boxes last year and the first couple of boxes where hungarian boxes. As I don’t really read books in hungarian I was very excited when they announced that they are going to have English boxes as well so when in January the English box became available I instantly ordered one for myself.

My box arrived yesterday and it looks very cute, I love the dimensions of the box and the sloth is just adorable.


When I opened the box I loved how the content looked like. The black tissue paper covered the goodies and the spoiler card was on top – it made the excitement even higher. The spoiler card is really pretty, I love how minimalistic it is.

Once the tissue paper is removed all the goodies are revealed and I am very surprised by the quality of them, I didn’t anticipated the that the box is going to be this good. The curation and the quality of the content reminds me of the FairyLoot boxes which is by far my fave subscription boxes, Book A Sloth’s February box is as good goodiewise as one of the best FairyLoot boxes.


The firsz thing I saw and made my heart leap was the Dementor mug – I love my Harry Potter themed mugs and I don’t have any Dementor – Expecto Patronum themed and I love this so much!

20180216_103720.jpgThe next item was a Fairyland necklace? Ornament? I’m not sure but it is so good, I love the packaging of.


Moving to the next goodies I found the things that told be what the book is going to be – and here was the first thing when I told ‘Shit’ out loud. I got January’s FairyLoot and Owlcrate, both contained the same book. And now it seems I got my third copy of it.


Next I found a book sleeve with a very interesting and cool design. I love to get book sleeves in subscription boxes I now have a couple of them but I always in need for more – I’m a mood reader and I read a lot of book sin the same time. One this about this book sleeve is that the dimensions of it a little bit odd but it is pretty and it can hold a bigger hardcover so I don’t mind.


The next goodie is a candle! I love bookish candles! And it smells sooo good, vanilla, plum and musk and it is sooo wintery and cozy, I love it.


Now onto the last items apart from the book, they are these adorable sloth themed magnetic bookmarks, I love the design of them, they are sooo adorable!


Aaaand onto the book – The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Now here I feel so proud that our little hungarian subscription box managed to include a such hyped book as The Cruel Prince and even manage to have a letter from Holly Black!

My only remark would be for this box is that I would love to have some hints what the book is going to be, so you are not going to have multiple copies of the same book from different subscription boxes or reorder the same books. I would love to have those descriptions when announcing the next theme as the other subscription boxes have – not telling directly what the book is but if you want to be sure that you are not ending up with multiple copies of the same book with a some research you can find out which book is going to be included.

Overall I LOVED this box and I’m very proud and already ordered the March box – I’m very excited what it is going to be, but this box was a really strong and great start! 🙂



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