Hello everyone, my name is Alexandra, I’m a 27 years old girl from Hungary. I’m a reader since I learned how to read. I spent my time in the school library when I was in the Elementary School. I always loved stories about magic and dragons and fairies, I’m a natural borned fantasy reader ๐Ÿ™‚ Though I read a lot of books before Harry Potter first came out in Hungary, but it was the most important book of my childhood, it was the first fandom I’m joined, and I’m a happy and proud Potterhead since (Ravenclaw proud!!!)

I mostly read YA fantasy and some YA contemporary, though I sometimes read classics as well. My original language is Hungarian but I read books in English most of the time. There are some series that I started in Hungarian and I want to finish them in Hungarian (the Shadowhunter series for example)

I started Bookstagramming this April and since I started it I wanted to start a book blog as well, mostly because I love to talk about books and my friends and my family doesn’t read those books I read. My Bookstagram:

I’m a mom of two cats: Parade and Bellatrix (yes, she got her name after Bellatrix Lestrange), and two guinea pigs: Norman and Vackor.

I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and we are going to talk about books a lot!

Cheers, Szandi