Linkin Park tag

Hello Everyone!

This tag was created for an honor to Chester Bennington, frontman of Linkin Park, who committed suicide yesterday. I’m heartbroken because of his death, he and his band meant a lot to me, helped me survive my teenage years, when my parents divorced, helped me find my friends.
This tag was created by The Abominable Book Girl , I want to thank her to created this. Let’s get started!
1. Breaking the Habit Name a series that hooked you with the first book but lost you in the following sequals.

The Mara Dyer books. I loved the first book in the series but the second did not hooked me at all, I was bored with it so I haven’t read the third book.

2. Numb Name a book/Series that left you so sad/emotional/upset you ended up in a book slump.

Heartless by Marissa Meyer. I was sobbing through the ending, though I kinda now in the beginning that something really sad is going to be happen toward the end. I was heartbroken and had a month long reading slump after I finished the book.

3. In the End What book would you re-writing the ending to?

I don’t have an answer for this question. I’m that kind of person who always accepts what the author decided to happen in the book, I never question it.

4. The Catalyst Which book first got you interested in reading?

I love reading since I learned how to read, though I think the Harry Potter series was the one which hooke dme up so much that I ended up being a booknerd.

5. Faint What book/series had a plot twist that you did not see coming?

The ending of A Court of Mist and Fury. No explanation. 😀

6. Waiting for the End What series are you dying for the author to finish already?

This is going to be the Song of Ice and Fire by Deorge R. R. Martin. I really want to know what is going to happen in Westeros and I really want to reread the books but I don’t want to start rereading it until he doesn’t finish it.

7. Somewhere I Belong Which fictional land would you like to live in?

I want to be a witch in the Wizarding World. Like, I’m waiting for my Hogwarts letter for 16 years now, WHERE IS MY LETTER???

8.Given Up What was the last book you DNFed?

I rarely DNF a book. The last I DNF’t was Vassa in the Night. I was really disappointed by that book, I had so high expectations. I will give it another try sometimes though.

And that’s it, this was the Linkin Park book tag.
As a side note I want to say, that you are precious and I know that it can look like that you don’t have any other options just to end your life. Please, reach out to someone. There are people, who loves you. There are people, who care about you. Please, don’t let the hard days win.

In memory of Chester Bennington. You’re always going to live for us in your music.